May 16

May 16, 2021 – South Yellowstone to West Yellowstone

Everyone knows how incredible Yellowstone is, so I don’t need to explain it. My first trip was from the Grand Tetons south of Yellowstone, up north, and then out to West Yellowstone to camp for the night.

Old Faithful and that entire area around it was absolutely amazing. Old Faithful was due to erupt just 15 minutes after I arrived, so that was pretty convenient. I didn’t take a picture or video of that, but there are probably a million of them online.

Here’s a dump of pictures I took along my trip.

There weren’t any campgrounds available in Yellowstone as the few open places were booked up. I tried my luck once again by those parks anyway, but they all had giant FULL signs posted, so I went to a place about 15 miles west of the West Entrance which was yet another free campground. I got a nice quiet spot next to a stream.

Some daily moments.

The route we took.

Highlights from the drive.

Timelapse of my entire drive.