May 22

May 22, 2021 – Driving The Badlands Loop

I decided to just stay in the area today to take in the views and drive the Badlands Loop which is a route that goes right through the canyon. I would then circle back around and camp out in the same spot.

The Badlands is yet another place that feels like it’s from another planet! The landscape during some parts of this drive just didn’t look Earthly.

I’m not sure which drive I’ve said “WOW!” the most, but this drive is definitely a contender.

I probably didn’t take as many pictures as I should have, but I was really enjoying the drive and just taking in the views from the comfort of my van. I did of course keep the dashcam running so you can see the videos below, but here are some pictures first.

I chose a different spot to park when I was done with the loop, but in the same general area.

This was the view from my “office” as I got some work done.

This dog is officially fully adjusted. It took a bit longer than I was hoping, but he now enjoys the drives in a happy and calm way instead of anxious excitedness with excessive panting for hours on end. I really love when I have my side window open and he puts his head on my shoulder as he lets the wind and smells go right into the sniffer.

I can also comfortably leave him in the van now. There’s a bit of a technique to it, but I’ve left him for a few extended periods and the camera I have shows him being very relaxed while I’m away. Good stuff.

Here’s some info about the route we took today.

Some videos I took during the day.

Highlights of the drive.

Full drive timelapse.