May 17

May 17, 2021 – West Yellowstone to East Yellowstone to Cody, WY

Today’s drive went through Yellowstone starting from the West Entrance and exiting through the East Entrance. While I made a few quick stops along the way in some scenic overlook areas, the only extended stop I made was to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

I’ve quickly learned that Yellowstone is best enjoyed on foot by hiking to cool places, but since the trails are not dog friendly and I’m not comfortable leaving Cooper for hours at a time, I didn’t really experience Yellowstone the way it is intended. A trip for another time.

I still really liked the drive through the park though. Yellowstone is such a unique place. When I went through the East gate, the attendant informed me that there was a “buffalo jam” ahead and so I should just take my time and be ready for traffic. If I’m going to get stuck in traffic, it might as well be in Yellowstone!

My favorite part of the drive was through the northeast part of Yellowstone, as well as after I left the park. The drive leaving Yellowstone going east is really cool with lots of cliffs, valleys, and cool rock formations.

Here are some pictures I took along the way.

I stayed at a campground in the Buffalo Bill State Park in Wyoming. While this park wasn’t secluded, the views were phenomenal.

Here are some videos I took throughout the day.

A map of our route.

Some highlights of the drive.

And a full timelapse video of my drive.