September 28

September 28, 2021 – Omaha, NE to Colby, KS

Now we’re talkin’!

I know most people find the plain states to be, well, pretty plain. But I absolutely love it. Wide open space, no traffic, little congestion, friendly people… to me states like Nebraska and Kansas are wonderful.

So needless to say, this was a good day. I was still trying to get some miles in, but the further west I got, the more I was enjoying myself.

I made a stop with Cooper at this nice little rest area off a two-lane road. I’m not sure why, but this rest area was HUGE. It was probably situated on 10 – 15 acres of land with a farm road that ran next to a marsh and, as you might guess, a farm.

Cooper and I took the opportunity to stretch our legs and it was so nice. Here’s the farm road we walked down.

I originally wanted to stop at a truck stop in Colby, KS, but I was quickly reminded that Kansas is a state where cows outnumber people.

The entire area around the truck stop smelled horrible, and so I thought I’d try my luck at a nearby rest area instead.

Boy am I glad I did. This rest area was phenomenal. It had separate RV parking with a dump station, potable water, and a huge grassy area to walk the dog.

Even better? No smell!

It ended up being a perfect place to spend the night. Here are a couple of pictures of where we parked.

Here are some highlights of the drive.

Here’s a full time-lapse video of the entire drive.

And some other moments during and after the drive.

And finally, here’s the route we took.