April 22

April 22, 2021 – Wabeno WI to Marquette, MI

I wasn’t originally planning on going up to Marquette, but I made a last-minute decision to put in the extra miles to see it. I’ve always wanted to see Marquette, so why not?

I’m glad I did, I thought Marquette was a very cool town. It’s actually a bit larger and busier than I expected, and I’m sure it gets much busier in the summer.

I stayed at a private campground called the Rippling River Resort. I thought it was a little pricey, but it was located right next to a ski area with lots of trails, so that made up for it.

Views entering the park with the ski hills on the left. Cabins for rent are on the right.

Here’s the spot I had. The sites were pretty close together, but fortunately there weren’t many people there.

Some shots of the trails next to the resort.

Here’s a quick video of one of the trails we took.

There was also a really nice stream that ran behind the campground with a little path along it.

Before the sun went down, I was able to make it over to the Presque Isle Park to get some views of Lake Superior.

Love being able to fit this van just about anywhere.

He wasn’t really in the mood for photo shoots, but I made him sit down for one anyway. Good enough lol.

I got a kick out of watching the train that loaded or unloaded ships there.

Overall a great stopping point. I could probably spend weeks just at this one place, but at least I’ve finally seen it!

Here’s the route we took…

And some video highlights from the drive!