April 27

April 27, 2021 – Epping ND to Saco, MT

While doing some research on Campendium, a really awesome RV camping app, I found the Nelson Reservoir Recreation Area.

This is a “dry camping” area, meaning there are no hookups and no services. They do have pit toilets, but no garbage cans, no dump stations, etc.

It’s basically just an open area that people have made RV spots out of.

I’m still at this location as I type this, and it’s just pure heaven. Nestled up next to a lake and surrounded by rolling prairies, it’s incredibly peaceful.

There was one other camper here yesterday, but today, guess what? I’ve got the place to myself.

The birds are very chirpy here. I’ve never heard so many different species of birds all talking at the same time. This is the first time on my trip that I’ve heard loons, which make one of my favorite sounds.

I decided to rest here for a couple of days, and fortunately, the lithium system on this van will give me all the power I need and then some.

Here’s a video showing a 360 degree view of my site.

360 degree view of a trail in the area…

Cooking dinner.

Sometimes you just have to sit and listen. Turn up the volume and listen to what I was hearing.

Here’s Cooper getting in some sniffs and listening to the birds. Watch as he “digs a hole” to lay down in. What a goof.

I woke up the following morning and checked my electric usage, just to see how much I had burned through. Looks like I’ve got plenty!

Not a terrible office for a couple of days!

Here’s the route we took…

Highlights from the drive.