May 11

May 11, 2021 – Clarkston, WA to Florence, MT (Route 12 Through Idaho)

Before we left civilization again, I wanted to stop by one of Cooper’s favorite places to stock up on goodies.

The Petco Trail!

I was really looking forward to the drive today. Route 12 across Idaho, which I heard was an amazing drive and it did not disappoint.

This is a long winding road the follows the Lochsa River and the beautiful scenery just didn’t quit the entire ride across. One of my favorite drive’s yet!

Here are some pictures from the Lolo Pass Visitors Center along the route, right on the border of Idaho and Wyoming.

As has been par for the course this trip, I’ve pretty much got the place to myself.

Looks like a really nice path, but I didn’t bring my snow shoes!

There was a road that kind of went further up into the hills. No idea where it leads as we didn’t walk it up.

Some videos I took from there.

Probably a boring video for most people watching, but sometimes I just like to watch my dog as he explores new smells and takes interest in new surroundings. His mannerisms just crack me up.

Got to my next campground which was the Charles Waters Campground run by the National Forest Service. Now this is a great campground with a good balance between being popular yet private. There are lots of spots here, but they are spread out and offer great privacy between them. I’m also right on a stream which is really nice.

Video I took from my site.

Here’s me continuing to whine and complain about the campground I had to endure back in Clarkston.

Gravel road leading to the day use area which included fishing spots, trails, group areas, and some open space. Really nice campground!

Trail that follows the stream. It’s a bit rough walking as it’s on a pretty good incline, but very well maintained and beautiful.

I’m taking an extra day here to get caught up on work. Not a bad office, with the sound of the stream in the background.

Here’s the route we took.

Some highlights from the drive.

Here’s a full timelapse of my drive.