May 4

May 4, 2021 – Loomis (Washburn Lake), WA to Mazama, WA

I originally was going to stay at Washburn Lake for a couple of days. Since it was such a great place with such great internet, I figured I could get some work done, enjoy the views, and also wait to see if the North Cascades Highway would be reopening.

After missing out on driving Road to the Sun, I was really hoping I could take the North Cascades Highway, but that was also closed. There was some chatter though that crews had made a lot of progress, and they expected it to be open by the weekend.

I woke up the next morning, and found out the road would be open for the season the next day!

How serindipidous!

And so, I made the decision to leave this paradise so I could get closer to the North Cascades Highway.

As they say, what goes up, must come down!

Most of the day was spent driving around the perimeter of the Cascade Mountains, just taking in the incredible views.

Before now, I always claimed that Colorado was the most beautiful state, but I’ve gotta say…. You have impressed me Washington! I think this state may have overtaken Colorado on my list. The entire drive so far has just been incredible.

I found the closest free campground to where the road would be opening the next day, and it turned out to be a nice, quiet, peaceful spot next to a large stream.

And check it out, a fellow Travatoin!

Nice little paths along the stream (river?) that connected to the campground.

I’m a sucker when it comes to these little information thingys.

Some selfie attempts.

Hey Cooper, get in on this!

Ok, nevermind. I’m pretty sure having the river to his back was freaking him out lol.

Some video of the stream.

I was feeling extra artistic today, so here’s my best attempts at art photography.

I call this one, “dead tree that fell over.”

As for this one, I call it “live tree that hasn’t fallen over yet.”

This was kind of interesting. I’ve never seen these geographical markers before. This was a “Witness Tree.” I have no idea what it means, but if I’ve learned anything from watching Judge Judy, it’s that you should never mess with a tree.

What I really want to know is – who is the lucky person with the job of walking around one of the most scenic areas of the country to put up these markers?

Oh, it’s John. John does it.

I thought this persons rig looked really cool, so I snapped a picture of it.

Not a bad stopping point before my fun drive through the Cascades!

This isn’t really the route we took as I kind of went to a bunch of different places in the area, but just as a general idea.

Some highlights from the drive.