May 7

May 7, 2021 – Port Angeles, WA To Ashford WA (Mount Rainier)

I didn’t know much about Olympic National Forest, so driving through there was pretty cool as I really didn’t know what to expect at any given turn.

I kept thinking it seemed like a rainforest, and little did I know that it actually is! Olympic National Forest is part of the Hoh Rainforest. Pretty cool!

Here’s some pictures of various places we stopped in Olympic National Forest along our way to Mount Rainier.

I knew we were right next to the ocean, but it was pretty obscured by trees and just little glimpses of the shoreline. There was a scenic pull off area that mentioned a beach, so I figured we’d check it out

This is the path leading down to the water.

Kinda hard to make out but it looked cool in person. This is a huge fallen over tree.

Some video towards the bottom of the trail.

As far as beautiful beaches go, this is up on the list.

The waves crashing into the rocks was pretty neat.

Time for the climb back up.

Good views from up top too!

Some video from up there.

The campground I found near Mount Rainier was only a few miles from the park entrance. The Sahara Creek DNR Horse Camp, as you might expect, was designed for people who want to camp with their horses and ride the trails in the area.

Notice all those wooden posts? Each site had multiple hitching posts for horses.

Here’s a 360 of my campsite.

I was moving the camera around way too fast, but here’s a look around anyway.

Some really dense trails around the campground.

Some rules. I followed most of them.

Some video of one of the trails.

Our route.

Highlights of the drive.