April 25

April 25, 2021 – Grand Rapids, MN to Devils Lake, ND

Have you ever wanted to have an entire island all to yourself? I have, but I didn’t expect it to be this way!

I stayed at Grahams Island State Park, and little did I know, I would be the only person on that entire island from the time I got there until morning when a few workers showed up. I can tell this place gets very busy in the summer, so to have the entire island to myself was a cool treat.

Like many campgrounds, there are several different loops that offer different experiences. This is the “Howard Loop” and even when it’s busy, offers some good space and privacy from neighbors.

Got the place to myself!

Sweeping view of Devils Lake.

There were also numerous walking paths, a beach, open recreation areas, boat launches, and a ton of other stuff.

My old boy acting like his younger self.

Here’s the route we took…

Some highlights from the drive.