April 30

April 30, 2021 – From Cut Bank, MT to West Glacier Park, MT

Back when I was a truck driver, I got to see a lot of the country, but that mostly excluded National Parks. My route was taking my right through Glacier, so I decided to get a private campground just a few miles from the park entrance.

Unfortunately, just about everything was closed, which I expected. The season doesn’t really start there until June. I’d love to make a trip back some time to find some primitive spots to stay and take the famous Going to the Sun Road.

I was having a lot of trouble finding an open place to stay and figured I’d have to just drive through, but the night before I left, I found a private campground that was opening the exact same day I was coming.

How serendipitous!

They were offering an early bird special with half-off discounts and there were only a couple of other campers in the place which I assume gets packed during the actual season. When it gets busy, there’s essentially no privacy as the campsites are very close together.

They also didn’t care when I left the next day and specifically told me that. I asked if 4 pm was too late and they said “no problem!”

I’m not sure why, but my iPhone started taking pictures in a smaller size, which is unfortunate. But here are the pictures and videos I took from Glacier National Park!

Campground with spots right next to each other. It’s only about 7 miles from the entrance to West Glacier, so I imagine during the busy season they pack em’ in here. During the normal season, these spots go for about $100/night. Yikes!

I got a half-off discount, and even that I feel is pricey! But since they were basically the only place open, I suppose supply and demand was at work.

Here’s a video with a 360 degree view of the campsite I had.

Walking around the empty campground.

A deer came pretty close and seemed very chill about being near a human and a dog.

I felt the need to zoom in on this creature, so here’s that.

Let’s enhance.

The deer moved to a new spot, so I took a picture of that, because….. it just felt necessary? Can you spot the deer?

Cooper just enjoying the smells.

And being super cool by not trying to kill that deer. Even I was surprised that he was so chill about it.

Felt the need to have a little fire.

Ok this looks a little gross, but there was a little place down the street that had coffee and biscuits and gravy in a box that needed to be microwaved. Maybe it was gross and I just didn’t care because the scenery was awesome, but I swear this was actually pretty good and the coffee wasn’t terrible either!

The empty campground at night. I would have much preferred a primitive camping spot in the wilderness away from the light pollution, but at least it was empty and quiet. Lots of wildlife came through the campground during the night.

Gas station down the street. As expected, prices were a tad high, but actually not as bad as I thought they’d be.

Left the campground and found an empty trail to go on. I’m not sure why I took this picture. Maybe I just liked how my van looked?

Went on down to the Lake McDonald Lodge which is a big tourist area in the park. Everything was closed, but the parking areas were still open and people were free to walk around.

Did I mention I love not dealing with a trailer or large rig?

I thought I should start taking selfies. So, here’s a couple.

Cooper once again failing miserably at fishing.

I’m disappointed that Going To The Sun Road is closed, but I’m also loving being here when it’s not completely overrun with crowds. Here’s where all the buses usually park. No thanks. There are already too many people here, and I’m sure this is empty by normal standards.

Going To The Sun Road is closed. 🙁

This is the reason I’ll be back to Glacier National Park. Going To The Sun Road. It’s supposed to be a hell of a drive and there’s tons of really private places to camp along the journey. My reason to come back right here.


Lots of signs for no pets in most areas and for most trails. Another reason I don’t love national parks. Too many rules!

I took a picture of this sign.

The route we took.

Some highlights from the drive.

And that’s the story of my first trip to Glacier National Park!