May 1

May 1, 2021 – West Glacier, MT to Troy, MT

This was an interesting one! I wasn’t sure where to park for the night. There are still a ton of free camping places in Montana that are closed for the season. I did find this one spot on a couple of apps that I use. It was pretty far away from anything resembling civilization, and while I thought it would have a cell signal, it didn’t.

Alas, I had to go a whole 12 hours without cell or internet. It was a trying time, but I survived.

Being out there really made me realize how much I’ve become addicted to my phone and the internet. I am constantly reaching for it. Even without internet, I still had some movies downloaded so I still managed to use my phone even without any internet.

This was a really peaceful place next to a roaring river (Yaak River). I have a couple of neighbors but there was lots of space and privacy.

We didn’t do much here. For starters, there wasn’t much to do. No real trails and the river was way too strong for the dog to play around in.

Cooper was also feeling a bit sore from running around the past couple of days, and there was on and off rain. It was a good time to just sit, relax, be with nature, and try to figure out how to still play on my phone even without the internet.

Here’s my spot.

A little 360 degree view of where I parked it.

Bear country.

He was really wiped out today and a bit sore. Much needed rest.

Sometimes sitting and doing nothing is needed. Notice the peaceful sound of the river in the background. I could get used to this.

It started to rain on us, so I deployed the awning and used it for the first time.

A look both directions down the dirt road to the campsite.

This thing was moving quick!

Here’s some video of the river. It was actually quite impressive!

I’m noticing more and more warning signs about bears.

Map of the area I was in.

This was a really cool and peaceful stop. I can’t say I loved being without internet, but I’m definitely loving these remote boondocking camping spots. I prefer this way more than private campgrounds.

Here’s the route we took.

Some highlights of the drive.